Foot Reefing Grommets;

Only for sails that have a Bolt Rope foot in place of slides or slugs.

Some sails that have both a bolt rope foot (foot goes inside of the boom) and also uses slab reefing. Sometimes this system also needs a way to tie a line around the boom. If the sail is inside of the boom, we have to put a grommet in the sail so the reefing line can be tied around the boom while the sail is hoisted.

The below picture shows a reef Pad Eye track, most booms do not have this. So, the sailor ties the line around the boom, thus, on sails with bolt rope foot, this cannot be done unless we install foot reefing grommets.

The Blue Circles below would be where grommets are inserted into the sails foot so a line could be tied around the boom replacing the pad eye shown below in Red.